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Flexible Metallic Conduit With Sealing Cord Packing   ( YF-708 )

DELIKON Electric Liquid Tight Conduit and Connector for Engineering, Construction and Building Industry electrical wiring

This flexible metal conduit is available with a 4 types of packing materials to help increase
the pressure rating of the hose and allow for vacuum applications
flexible metal conduit
Flexible metal hose, square locked, with packing flexible metal conduit flexible metal conduit
*Square-locked galvanized steel strip construction, with sealing cord packing
(cotton, nylon, rubber or copper wire packed) flexible metal conduit flexible metallic conduit
*Packing for increased strength and air or
moisture tightness flexible metal conduit
*High tensile strength *Also suitable for use as ventilation or as materials conveying ductings

Flexible metallic conduits with packing

  • Constructed by square locking galvanized steel strip:
    *Offers good mechanical protection and high tensile strength.
    *With excellent crush  characteristics.
    *Offering a certain degree of air tightness
  • Applications:
    Industrial wirings, appliances, automotive wire & cable sleeving, machineries, wire conduits, under floor applications computer/floor boxes 

    Also suitable for ventilation applications.
  • Related Products:
    Square locked type galvanized steel conduit (without packing) for more flexibility
    >>> Model YF-703
    Flexible metal conduit Small Bore Stainless steel Flexible Conduit
    With PVC covering for liquid-tight applications >>> Model YF-706
    Liquid tight metal conduitLiquid Tight Flexible Steel Conduit
    or PVC Coated flexible steel conduit

    >>>Model YF-705      Liquidtight steel conduit with metal wire overbraiding 
    Wire over-braiding provides more abrasion resistant and
    EMI shielding.

    Overbraided Flexible steel conduit,Protective Braided Flexible Metal Conduit For High Temperature Wiring
    Braided Flexible Metal Conduit Resists hot metal splashes and abrasion

    Oil Resistant over Braided Flexible rubber Conduit for machine tools wirings
    Oil resistant conduit
COTTON Up to 15 PSI Up to 15" Mercury 300 F
NYLON Up to 15 PSI Up to 15" Mercury 180 F
RUBBER Up to 20 PSI Up to 20" Mercury 180 F
COPPER Up to 15 PSI Up to 15" Mercury 1200 F

Square locked flexible metal hose, with sealing cord packing for increased pressure and vacuum rating.

Type Trade Size I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) Min. Bending Radius (mm) Meter/Coil
Min. Max. Min. Max.
YF-70803 3/8" 12.3 12.8 15.6 15.8 60 50
YF-70804 1/2" 15.8 16.2 19.5 19.9 80 50
YF-70806 3/4" 20.8 21.3 24.7 25.2 100 30
YF-70810 1" 26.4 27.1 31.6 32.1 150 30
YF-70812 1-1/4" 35.0 35.5 40.0 40.5 180 20
YF-70814 1-1/2" 40.1 40.6 45.8 46.3 220 20
YF-70820 2" 50.5 51.2 57.3 58.0 250 15
YF-70824 2-1/2" 62.9 63.9 72.1 73.1 300 10
YF-70830 3" 77.0 78.0 87.0 88.0 350 10
YF-70840 4" 99.6 101.6 108.7 110.5 400 10
*All sizes and dimensions listed above are subject to manufacturing tolerances. High Temperature Conduit
*Standard Packaging: Shrink wrapped coil. Other custom packaging methods or of longer length is also possible upon request and our approval.                     
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