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Delikon cable protection flexible hoses, perfect all-round protection for cables and lines.
Delikon, leading manufacturer of flexible conduit and fittings. Delikon flexible conduit systems are used to protect critical power and data cabling. We provide flexible solutions for leading organizations in technically demanding markets such as Rail, petrochemical industry, Marine, Machinery, CCTV, and Telecomms.
EMI screening capabilities in braided flexible conduit systems EMI screening capabilities in braided flexible conduit systems

In applications where electromagnetic interference can be of particular concern, Delikon has a range of dedicated over braided flexible conduit systems that can provide the required standard of protection for cables.

The systems provide high EMI screening and offer a range of protection to the cables carried by the system. In combination with the system's specially designed metallic fittings, the flexible conduit system can afford a high degree of EMI screening capability for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Overbraiding also increases the security of installations in sensitive or high risk public areas, typical applications being underground, communications, public safety, security, lighting and CCTV installations.
Delikon screened flexible conduit systems
offer cost-effective alternatives to individually screened cables within applications where cross talk has no adverse effect. Additionally, the user gains the mechanical advantage of a cable management system, which affords the means to easily add, substitute or replace cables in an existing cable run, at any time.
Oil resistant electrical conduit systems
Oil resistant electrical conduit systems
The ORC premium quality Oil Resistant Braided Flexible Conduit is ideally used in situations where a flexible conduit must withstand exposure to many harsh chemicals, oils, UV, etc. Sizes specially designed for machine tools power or data cables. It features an inner hose of high quality NBR rubber.
Electrical flexible conduits & fittings,Performance HoseFlexible Conduit & Accessories

refer to Braided Conduit System for heavy industry

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high performance hose, racing hose, liquidtight connector, fittings

Electrical flexible conduits, fittings, connectors, wiring accessories
Flexible metallic conduits and fittings for wiring harness

Delikon Electric Flexible Conduit, gray electric flexible liquidtight steel conduits, fittings
Delikon flexible conduits & fittings ---
Your Professional Electrical Wiring Protection Solutions.
Quality flexible conduit systems for protection of cables and wirings
Delikon, a leading Chinese manufacturer and exporter for electrical flexible conduits, fittings, high performance braided race car hose, and flexible ducting for various applications, our business philosophy has always been based on quality products, innovative solutions, and service beyond our customers expectations. We highly appreciate your business and hope that you find a flexible solution for your projects from our informative and efficient website .

We manufacture and export an extensive range of metallic and non-metallic electrical flexible conduits and fittings for a variety of installations requiring motion, vibration and bending. They offer good mechanical and moisture protection to enclosed conductors.
Liquid Tight conduit system

Products & Services:
*Metal Wire over-braided Flexible Conduit
(EMI shielding. EXplosion proof! Suitable for use in industrial Location)
*Liquid-tight Flexible Conduit and Fittings
*Flexible Metallic Conduit (FMC) (Square-locked, interlocked)
*Flexible Non-metallic Conduit
*Flexible Conduit Connectors & Fittings
*PTFE (PTFE) Flexible Hose, With Metal Wire Over-braiding
*Corrugated Stainless Steel Hose
*EMT Conduit Fittings
*OEM, Manufacturing as per customers samples & specifications
       Liquid Tight Connectors and Fittings  
                 Liquid Tight Connector

Connecting flexible conduit 
to electric box or enclosure.
LT Connectors offer excellent pull-off characteristics.

YABS, All metal connector

Connectors of all metal construction

Connectors of all metal construction, most suitable for high temperature wirings. For braided flexible metal conduit and flexible steel conduit.
Steel braided flexible conduit is ideal for tight spot applications where high protection is required against sparks and hot swarfs. YF-704


Fixed type connector
Fixed Connector

Aluminum connectors (FIXED or SWIVEL)
Swivel Connector
Overbraided flexible metal conduit systems for Industry Cable Management
Applications: - For electrical wiring protections & managements where flexibility is necessary for installation, maintenance or where vibration and movement must be absorbed. Our electrical products are used in construction, industrial facilities, wire harnesses, machine tools, instrumentation and telecom equipments.

Flexible Hose For Automobiles (AN hose, hose end, engine hose, fuel rubber hose), OEM Products, Flexible hose, tubing, ducting and fittings for exhaust, fluid & gas handling and other applications are also available. Please write to us for more details.)

Main Customers:
OEMs, electrical contractors, machineries manufacturers, ships & trains builders, automobiles manufacturers, electrical wholesale distributors, and importers. We also sell our products to manufacturers of wire harnesses, wire assemblies, and producer of electrical appliances.

OEM Service:
Manufacturing as per customers samples & specifications. Send us your requirements and we will come up with a solution for you.
Delikon Flexible Conduit System For Complete CCTV Cabling Protection Solutions
DELIKON's whole range of flexible conduit systems provides dedicated protection to vulnerable CCTV systems, not only from the elements, but also from the threat of vandalism. The wide range of DELIKON metallic and non-metallic flexible conduit systems is specifically designed to provide ingress protection to the vulnerable umbilical cabling used on CCTV cameras and networks. The flexible systems are ideal for both static and rotating cameras.

Small bore instrumentation tubing flexible conduit flexible stainless steel conduit for electric wirings

Small BORE Flexible stainless steel conduit
Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit: Type AT is an ultra-flexible, stainless steel conduit designed primarily for OEM applications. A typical application would be armoring in specialty sensing devices, or medical equipment, including fiber-optics.

Delikon manufactures unique tubing that is relied on in numerous industries. The tubing is produced by helical coiling of a cold-rolled metal strip onto a spindle, with the helical coils being linked with each other by means of a special type of strip profile. Basic materials for the strip are stainless steel or galvanized steel strip. However, other metals are also available.

Instrumentation tubing is used by manufacturers of various industries, such as Process & Control Instrumentation, Measuring & Controlling Devices, Analytical Instruments, Medical Instruments and many others with specific applications including temperature measuring, wiring conduit or armor cable and protective casing.

Stainless Steel wire Braided Racing Hose
            High Performance hose for motor sport racing cars
is the best choice for your race car oil,fuel, and coolant supply lines.

Stainless Steel wire Braided Racing Hose

DELIKON Racing Hose offers unsurpassed levels of performance and reliability for your tough performance applications. Full vacuum rating for sizes -10, -12 and -16. Applications include fuel, lube, coolant and air.
High Performance hose for motor sport racing cars
Protective Stainless Steel OverBraided Flexible Metal Conduit for Industry Wiring Protective Stainless Steel OverBraided Flexible Metal Conduit for Industry Wiring

Braided Flexible Metal Conduit is widely used to counter mechanical stress and is highly flexible, and it is resistant against tensile stresses and transverse pressure.

This conduit also offers excellent protection to cables against hot metal particles, and immunity from electromagnetic interference. Most suitable for use in Hazardous Locations, industrial environments and high temperatures.

Over braided flexible conduit is particularly used in (mechanical) critical situations, such as machine-building, steel works but also in transport systems and security.
         EMC Shielding flexible conduits


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