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Corrugated PE Conduit ( PE )
*Corrugated PE *1/4"~2" trade size *Liquid-tight 

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  • Made of PE materials:
    *Corrugations provide flexibility not possible with straight-walled
    *Durable and light weight.
    *Unslit or Slit configurations for easy installation.
  • Applications:
    Appliances, automotive wire & cable sleeving, computer equipment,
    medical devices, machineries,wire conduits
  • Related Products:

    With normal PVC covering for general applications. 
    Model YF-707

    Normal PVC covering 

    Corrugated Nylon tubing.  >>> Model PB
      braided small ID tubing

Liquid-tight Flexible Steel Conduit Systems
Liquid-tight Flexible
Steel Conduit Systems

Braided Nylon Conduit
Braided Corrugated Nylon Flexible Conduit

straight (metallic) 90 degrees (metallic) 45 degrees (metallic) straight (plastic) 90 degrees (plastic) straight (nylon) 90 degrees (nylon) combination (internal thread) combination (set-screw)
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